November 13

Why Is a Pregnancy Ultrasound Important For the Health Of Your Baby

Ultrasound is a safe method used by you medical practitioner to determine the health and development of your baby in the womb. The technique uses sound waves that create an image of the fetus, the uterus, placenta and other organs.

Doctors use ultrasound to evaluate the following:

  • The term of the pregnancy or how many weeks or months you have been pregnant.
  • The size of the baby.
  • The development of the baby in relation to the term of the pregnancy and whether the pregnancy is meeting the necessary milestones.
  • The health of the organs and spinal cord.
  • Monitor the fetal heart rate.
  • Determine how the baby is presenting or lying in the womb.
  • To determine any medical conditions such as Spina Bifida or Downs Syndrome.
  • The health of the uterus and the placenta.
  • The volume of amniotic fluid.
  • The sex or gender of the baby.

What To Expect When You Go For An Ultrasound

Your medical practitioner will bare your belly and apply a clear gel. You may be asked to remove your clothing and wear a medical gown, open in the front. A scanner, called a transducer, will then be moved across the abdominal area. You may feel some pressure, but this should not cause any pain.

It is normal to have repeated scans throughout your pregnancy to monitor the development if the baby and View A Miracle. In complicated pregnancies, ultrasounds may be scheduled more regularly.

At your first ultrasound appointment, you may receive an internal scan, especially if the pregnancy is under 6 weeks or if it is difficult to locate the uterus. This may be slightly more uncomfortable than an external scan.

ultrasound how it works diagramYou will be able to see the images on a monitor and your medical practitioner will help you read the image and see what your baby looks like. The images are not always very clear and it can be difficult for new moms and dads to identify the baby, especially earlier on in pregnancy.

You will also be able to hear the heartbeat of the baby. Don’t be alarmed by the rapidness – babies’ hearts beat much faster than adults.

You may have to wait for your second or third ultrasound scan to determine the gender of the baby. It is up to you to let your doctor know if you want to to be told the gender.

Your last ultrasound is probably the most important. During this scan, the medical practitioner will determine the presentation of the baby. If the baby is not facing head down towards the birth canal (breech), you may be required to have a caesarean section.

The doctor will also determine if there are any other complications that may be detrimental to natural birth such as an umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. In these cases, you will probably also be scheduled for a caesarean section to be performed.

While having an ultrasound during pregnancy is not essential to prenatal care, it is definitely recommended for all mothers.

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