April 6

How Smartphones Are Making Digital Cameras Obsolete



The first smartphones had basic photo cameras. They weren’t able to take good quality photos, so people used them rather sparingly. This situation has completely changed. Today’s smartphones have excellent cameras, able to deliver outstanding results. The high resolution, the accuracy of the colors, and the various camera setup and photo editing functions determined more and more people to give up their cameras in favor of their smartphones./ cell phone repairs /We can safely say that smartphones are making digital cameras obsolete.

As people carry their smartphones with them at all times, they can always take a picture whenever they want. This makes mobile devices much more convenient than traditional digital cameras. You can use them for street photography purposes, as well as for taking photos at parties or while hiking the mountains. If you choose a smartphone with a good camera, you are never going to miss your digital camera again.

Smartphones, iphone screen repairs in the Daly City area, are even better than many digital cameras because they enable their users to edit their photos and to upload them on their social media profiles without the need of a computer. you can correct the red eyes effect, you can adjust the white balance, you can crop images and apply filters, without having to pay a dime for it. There are several reliable mobile photo editing apps which can be downloaded and installed for free. They offer lots of cool filters and presents that make photo editing a breeze even for people who are technically challenged. This makes smartphones much better than digital cameras for a wide category of people. These people aren’t interested in becoming professional photographers, but they wish to have cool photos to post on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. They can’t be bothered with learning how to use a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, but they surely love to take professionally looking photos.

Travelers are also happy to replace their cameras with smartphones, as this can allow them to take more of other stuff in their luggage. Most airlines have very strict rules when it comes to the number of bags you are allowed to take with you on the plane. A digital camera is something that can take a lot of room in your bag, so frequent travelers are happy to use their smartphone to take high-quality photos.

Last but not least, smartphone prices have decreased a lot over the past few years. Even mid-range models feature good quality cameras, able to take high-resolution photos and to shoot HD movies. This makes them preferred by a wide range of people of all ages and coming from all walks of life. Even professional photographers start showcasing their photos taken with smartphones. This is a very promising trend, especially that some lens manufacturers have started to develop fisheye, macro and zoom lenses for smartphones. Digital cameras won’t disappear just yet, but smartphones are going to replace them in many situations. Besides, taking selfies is something you need a smartphone for.

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November 8

Can YY Acupuncture Chiropractic Help

YYAcupunctureChiropractic.com clinic understands the benefits of optimal health. There comes a point in many people’s lives where the body aches and pains become simply unbearable and need special therapy. Trying to balance everyday life activities while dealing with pain and suffering is not an easy or desirable situation to find one’s self in. Having to deal with something like that on occasion is hard enough as it is.

Fortunately, there are options for personalized acupuncture and chiropractic treatments that focus on better overall health and maximum well-being. A staggering number of people have found that many traditional medications and even some prescribed exercises have not helped other than providing only temporary relief. After reaching a certain level of frustration and desire for healing, more people are opting for more reliable cures through alternative medical solutions.

In what type of situation might someone strongly consider the use of the helpful alternative acupuncture and chiropractic solutions that are available? There are more reasons for making these choices than we could possibly cover in this article alone. But we will be glad to share an example that many people are sure to relate to.

Imagine a homemaker of 30+ years that runs her own business while also raising three children. She has been suffering from increasing aches and at times staggering pain in her lower back. To add to the misery, she has begun suffering from terrible bouts with migraine headaches almost on a daily basis.

Over a year’s time the woman has met with more doctors and health professionals than she would ever care to remember. Each one had prescribed some type of traditional medicine that did not accomplish what she needed to feel better and sleep peacefully at night. So she then tried other recommendations involving the consumption of different types of food, yoga that was hard to do with a pain filled back and even meditation.

The more remedies she sought and tried, the deeper she entered into the more unfamiliar alternative medical territory. They finally come a point when she followed the recommendation of a close family member and turned to the ancient practice of healing that is known as acupuncture. It did not take her very long to realize how she wished she would have considered this method long before any other treatment that she had tried before.

Altering energy flow in the body through needles that are inserted into the body at very specific locations is how illnesses are treated using the practice of acupuncture. This practice has been time tested and proven many times over as a highly effective treatment for a large variety of ailments. It is even more encouraging to know that the (WHO) world health organization recognizes a large number of medical problems that can benefit from this alternative solution.

Like the woman mentioned above, you too may be tired of the pain and sick of hunting for solutions.

YY Acupuncture Chiropractic specialists are highly skilled and experienced in making people feel better for longer.

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