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How you can use search engine optimization to increase traffic to your website

Would you like to improve your rankings on the search engines for specific keywords related to your website? Perhaps you are selling a particular product or even multiple products, and you would like to target each and every keyword. The ability to rank for any keyword has to do with factors such as how competitive the keyword is, the length of the keyword, and understanding search engine optimization. This article will address three tips that you can use to enhance your own SEO efforts so that you can begin to rank for multiple keywords on page 1, or even the top listing on that page.

Defining SEO

SEO is the multifaceted strategy that you must implement with your website in order to have the main page, and all of your posts found on the Internet. Your goal is to always be on page 1 because very few people will search beyond the first page, therefore making any position on that page highly coveted. Search engine optimization refers to two specific strategies that you need to use in order to rank your website online. There is off-site optimization and on-site optimization, to strategies that we will now discuss.

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Off-Site And On-Site Optimization

Off-site optimization refers to all of the links that you have pointing back to your main website, and secondary pages, specifically targeting the keywords that you have chosen. It is important to get links from multiple IP addresses, preferably from contextual links that are within blogs that are discussing similar topics. You can also get social media links which are very powerful, primarily because Google likes to see social proof that a website or webpage is worth ranking. As long as you are not using the same keyword for the hyperlinked text, and you build your links over a reasonable period of time, you will be able to benefit from backlinking. On the other hand, on-site optimization is all about what you do to your website in terms of the content and linking structure. The content needs to be as unique as possible, and each page that you post needs to target one specific keyword for which all of your SEO will be focused. It’s good to have videos, images, and also outbound links to authority sites to motivate the search engine spiders to index your pages accordingly. The combination of both on-site and off-site optimization is what will allow any webmaster to take their website to higher levels on the search engines, helping to generate targeted traffic.

Once you have done all of the optimizing that is necessary to rank higher on the search engines, it usually takes several weeks or months to see results. Many people will supplement this period of waiting with video marketing, another free strategy that can generate substantial traffic. The more websites that you build, targeting longtail keywords, keywords that are three words in length or longer, the more likely it is that you will start to see trickles of traffic from your rankings as they come in, ultimately leading to substantial volume. It may take some time, but by following these simple suggestions on how to do proper search engine optimization, you will have free targeted traffic from the organic listings in no time at all. Start improving your website today, and building backlinks as soon as possible, and you will soon have a reliable source of free targeted traffic on a regular basis.

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