August 7

More New Jersey Homes Installing Solar Panels

The number of solar panel installations has been rapidly increasing in New Jersey. Most homeowners in the state are concerned about global warming, and also rising energy bills. While some New Jersey homes do it for the environment, others just don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on increasing energy bills. Many New Jersey homes have been following this trend, and numbers are expected to rise.

According to Barry Waldman, he got a lease deal from NRG a while ago. The company told him that he would save more than 20% on energy bills. Since Barry wanted to retire soon, he decided to use this quick way to start saving money for his pension fund.

Since politics doesn’t seem to affect New Jersey homes, the number of installations are varied and spread across the state. Ocean is the leading county with over 5,000 solar rooftops. In fact, it’s one of the most conservative counties in New Jersey. According to Public Utility figures, solar installations in New Jersey might have already hit the 34,000 mark.

In mid-February, there were around 34,000 home and business solar arrays in the Garden State. In addition to this, a lot of companies like NRG, SolarCity and Vivint have been installing solar systems on a regular basis. With a 30% federal tax credit, the popularity of solar installations has exploded. These companies tend to partner with other home improvement contractors like roofers, hvac repair, and garage door repair.

There have also been some instances of people getting solar installations due to peer pressure. According to John Kaba, a homeowner in Sayreville, he installed solar panels in his home because a lot of people in his neighborhood were doing so. It’s worth mentioning that more than 300 Sayreville homes have solar installations on rooftops. Sayreville is a mix of middle class and blue collar community.

Choose High-End Solar Installations
While looking for high-end solar panels in New Jersey, you need to compare various options in the market. It’s also important to analyze numerous solar panel reviews. This will help you make an informed choice. In order to make a good choice, you should focus on premium grade solar panels. When you want to purchase the best solar panels, you shouldn’t compromise on quality. In order to ensure high-quality solar installation, you need to consult a reputed solar panel contractor.

Solar systems should always be sufficient to easily power your home, office or another establishment. Thus, it’s important to look for a reputed and experienced professional company for installation. There are many companies that build and install solar panel kits at affordable prices. The cost of solar panels may depend on efficiency ratings, power needs in your area and other factors. Residential solar power can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills.

While installing solar panels in your home, you should always look for the best companies in New Jersey. A reputed company installs the equipment properly and makes sure you don’t experience any problems. Most importantly, a good company offers solar panels at the best prices. This allows you to save even more money while making the purchase. Most New Jersey homes look for a solar panel installation company online.

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