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Is Using Whitening Toothpaste Bad for Your Teeth?

First impressions count and the first thing most people notice about another person is their smile. Whiter teeth, teeth whitening dentist in Lancaster, not only contribute to a better first impression, but they also help a person appear younger and more attractive. Unfortunately, not all individuals have money to spend on expensive tooth whitening procedures making the option of a “film star smile” a dream. However, this issue has been noted and whitening toothpaste was developed to improve a smile without the need for dental procedures, Lancaster Family Smiles Dental. The question being asked now is whether or not whitening toothpaste is beneficial or detrimental to a person’s health?

Of course, the use of whitening toothpaste does seem like the ideal solution for the majority of people. Whitening toothpaste is less costly than many dental procedures, is more easily accessible, and can be easily applied at home at any time of the day or night. Cleaning one’s teeth is a daily ritual, so if you are able to add tooth whitening elements into the routine you can enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile. Furthermore, tooth whitening dental procedures can provide unrealistic “film star” results; whereas, the effect provided by whitening toothpaste is natural and achieved more gradually.

Despite the benefits of this type of toothpaste, it is important that you take care when using this product. The majority of whitening toothpaste contain harsh abrasive ingredients, such as silica or aluminum oxide – both ingredients that can wear away the enamel on the tooth.

The method used to achieve whitened teeth is wearing of stained enamel to reveal the whiter, newer enamel underneath; however, this is detrimental because tooth enamel does not grow back. This means that the more you wear away at your teeth, the more sensitive and weak the tooth will become. Of course, dental enamel wears away naturally as a person ages but you may be doing unnecessary damage to your teeth if you continue using whitening toothpaste for years to come.

When opting for whitening toothpaste, it is important to ask yourself if the treatment is worth the pain and hassle. While the outcome can be beneficial in several ways, particularly the fact that whitening treatments will cost less than white veneers or other dental procedures, there are additional damaging elements. A lower cost treatment option will typically present with an element of risk; therefore, it is recommended that you take points into account and decide whether you want to experience long-term consequences for an effect that may last only a few weeks.

It should also be mentioned that the majority of people who use tooth whitening toothpaste have complained that long-term use has contributed to cracking of their teeth. The loss of enamel will lead to sensitivity of the tooth and ultimately chip or cracking. If you are going to opt for whitening toothpaste, it is advised that you use it sparingly to avoid any severe damage to the tooth. Having a whiter smile is possible, but gaining the smile with damaging consequences may be a bad option.

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